Supporting programme

The extensive parklands at St. Raphael provide the ideal location for group events. Below you will also find a few of our suggestions for other activities that you can enjoy alongside your seminar.

Evening BBQ

Treat your seminar participants to the summer event that everyone loves. An evening BBQ is fun and will bring you all together.

Price: varies based on requirements
Minimum number of participants: 15

Skywalk Allgäu

Experience nature from up high

Get a bird’s eye view of nature from the treetop trail at the Skywalk Allgäu nature adventure park. Groups can enjoy special activities with trained guides, including tours, the skywalk allgäu rally, geocaching, snowshoeing and outdoor elements.

Skywalk Allgäu is located in Scheidegg. Estimated journey time 50 mins.

We are happy to provide an individual offer on request.

Active awakening

Help participants wake up before the start of your seminar at 7:30 with stimulating back exercises and stretching. This activity will ensure participants are awake and refreshed to start the day.

Price: € 90 per group
Minimum number of participants: 5

Available: Wednesday and Friday

Camp fire

Back to nature.

Fire has always fascinated people. Come together around a blazing fire in our romantic park and return to your roots with campfire bread and sausages.

Price: varies based on requirements
Minimum number of participants: 5

Medicinal herbs

Heal yourself

Learn all about the power and origin of various herbs at the “Christian Herb” organic garden centre in Kempten. See, feel and taste the diversity of nature.

Price: € 5 per person
Minimum number of participants: 5

On request, we can provide information with confirmed seminar dates for the vegetable garden, medicinal herbs, etc.

Laughter yoga

Everyone knows that laughing is healthy. But unfortunately, in this day and age, people don’t laugh very much. Laughter yoga releases endorphins, relaxes muscles and stimulates the metabolism.

Laugh yourself fit!

Price: € 7 per person + € 15 one-time travel expense
Minimum number of participants: 12

Whisky tasting

Not only does every type of whisky taste different, the content of each barrel also tastes different to every other barrel.

The specialty spirits shop “Vom Fass”, located in the pedestrian zone in Kempten, offers a relaxing whisky tasting evening with music and snacks. Afterwards there is a transfer home.

Price: € 40 per person
Minimum number of participants: 25-30

Oil & vinegar evening

Sample and enjoy together…

Learn all about the qualities of special oils and vinegars from the experts at a specialty store in Kempten and then watch and enjoy, as exceptional salads with special dressings are prepared in front of you. The professionals are always on hand for questions and, in the subsequent tasting, you can eat your fill and will be amazed at what can be done with such simple ingredients.

Price: € 5 per person
Minimum number of participants: 10-20

Wine seminar:

Great food needs wine – a connoisseur is always learning! Taste and describe a selection of German wines with a sommelier. Everyone has different tastes; therefore everyone will perceive the wine differently.

Price: € 20 per person
Minimum number of participants: 8